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But that changed once he became a professional comedian.

He moved to the city after college, working his way up to doing stand-up full-time, and he now has up to 700 gigs a year.

The show periodically features routines performed by comics appearing on the program during each episode, either footage taped at Los Angeles area comedy clubs or clips originally featured on fellow entertainment studios-produced series Comics Unleashed and

“Humor is important to women because in 20 years, when he’s still leaving the toilet seat up, the only thing that’s going to get you through it is laughing at him or with him.” After a successful gig, women approach Greenbaum and ask him to hang out.

On their first date, he decided that they should book a whirlwind vacation to St.

Lucia for the weekend — and they’ve been involved ever since.

Most are in their 30s, educated and hold white-collar jobs.

“If you have a really good [comedy] set, you’re a superhero,” says Greenbaum, who says that his act doubles as an icebreaker. “You really do get that little extra boost to start talking to a girl … [Comedy] is a turn-on for [women].” In December, he exchanged numbers with a woman after a gig.

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