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The others are optional, their relevant features will be enabled if they are found during configuration.In Debian you can get these packages with the command (requires root privelege): The libgtkimageview-dev package only exists in Debian testing and unstable.Another reason is that building UFRaw on MS-Windows is a bit tricky and not very convenient (did I say already that I don't like this operating system).

The following development packages are relevant for building UFRaw: Only gtk 2.0 and liblcms are required.

For the MSYS environment you should install the packages msys, mingw-runtime, w32api, binutils and gcc from the Min GW site.

Cygwin can be installed by downloading and running the installation program You can build a native Cygwin binary of UFRaw using the developement packages from Cygwin ports, or you can use Cygwin to cross build a Min GW32 binary. Extract all these files under one directory, for example behaves differently under Min GW32.

To build UFRaw yourself you can either read the detailed instructions below or just download it and get the shorter version in the README file.

I'm using Debian GNU/Linux on a Pentium machine, but UFRaw can be built on different Unix flavors and many different architectures.

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