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3) User A's application hangs onto that information 4) At , user B reads row 'X' from the database 5) User B's application also hangs onto the LAST_UPDATED datetime of Jun 28 2004 6) User B updates row 'X' in the database. The WHERE clause on the UPDATE statement include the phrase 'AND LAST_UPDATED = 'JUN 28 2004 ' b. Number ue Resume No TAMIField Case -2147217887 ' Record Already Exists in destination database Resume Next Rec Case -2147217873 ' Record Already Exists in destination database grs Dest.The UPDATE statement SETs LAST_UPDATED to 'JUN 28 2004 ' 7) At , user A attempts to update row 'X' in the database. That is, it does not delete any rows becuase the WHERE clause 'AND LAST_UPDATED = 'JUN 28 2004 ' evaluates to FALSE. Value, _ lng Defined Size, _ str Dest Tbl, _ int Perf Log Level, _ int Recs Skipped, _ int Recs Written, _ gint Tbls Written) ' Tidy up lng Data Size = 0 lng Defined Size = 0 int Recs Skipped = 0 int Recs Written = 0 grs Source. Close Set grs Source = Nothing Set grs Dest = Nothing gconn Source. Cancel Update int Recs Skipped = int Recs Skipped 1 Resume Next Rec Case -2147217900 ' Cannot connect to database int Err Count = int Err Count 1 If int Err Count Can Concerto Cloud Services help you focus on evolving your application offerings, while delivering the best cloud experience to your customers? First, are the source and destination tables the same?Lets walk thru the use case where two users, A and B are hitting the same table with their applications.The scenario, taking place at June 28th looks like this: 1) At , user A reads one or more rows of data including row 'X' 2) Row 'X' has a LAST_UPDATED datetime Jun 28 2004 .A few other miscellaneous faults also result by mistake codes seem.Blue Screen With Cursor A speed up pc tool will search through this database and fix any problem files may find.May perhaps usually connect with driver signing problems or errors in boot sums.

INSERT INTO @LAST_RUN_DT Of course, there is one other solution that avoids all of this nonsense: Use Replication.

" Of course they should--how many times have we had to work on a system that we have no control over though--sometimes design changes are NOT an option...

Blue Screen With Cursor Blue Screen With Cursor There are merely 10 involving error codes prevailing in Windows.

Hope that helps, Bill Grant Hi, thanks for all the info: The VB Code is the following: ' mod Copy Tables: Module ' ' Functions for storing data in SQL Tables ' ' Project: ' CR100860 Telephone Data Warehouse ' Author: ' Matt Hayes ' SOUTHAMPTON February 2004 ' Current Version: ' V0.0.1 ' ' Objects affected: ' SQL Server Data repository ' ' Version history: ' 2004-02-29 0.0.1 MH Created ' 2004-05-07 0.0.2 MH Updated Error Trapping ' Option Explicit ' Copytable: Void ' ' Copies tables ' ' Input: ' str Source Table: String name of source table ' str Source DSN: String source connection string ' str SQL_Where: String SQL Where clause used when selecting source data ' str Dest Tbl: String name of destination table ' str Dest DSN: String destination connection string ' int Source Tbl ID: Integer source table unique identifier ' dbl Update Per: Double table update period in hours ' dte Last Updated: Date date table was last updated ' int Perf Log Level: Integer performance logging level (1,2,3) ' Outputs: ' NONE ' Returns ' N/A ' Public Function Copy Table( _ str Source Tbl As String, _ str Source DSN As String, _ str SQL_Where As String, _ str Dest Tbl As String, _ str Dest DSN As String, _ int Source Tbl ID As Integer, _ dbl Update Per As Double, _ int Perf Log Level As Integer, _ dte Last Updated As Date, _ str Custom1 As String, _ gint Tbls Written As Integer) As Boolean Dim str Source SQL As String Dim str Rec Count SQL As String Dim intx As Integer Dim int Err Count As Integer Dim dbl Rec Count As Double Dim lng Data Size As Long Dim lng Defined Size As Long Dim int Recs Skipped As Integer Dim int Recs Written As Integer On Error Go To ERR_PROC Set gconn Source = New ADODB. In either event, you could strip down the VB program to just make the call (UPDATE or EXEC PROC), not have to worry about concurrency, and get a very nice speed improvement at the same time. Bill I know what you mean, If it was up to me I would do the whole thing in DTS! DTS is kind of another external program not unlike VB.

How would you logically go about coding an UPDATE/INSERT statement in VB? It does not run in the context of the database and it is record based instead of set based so you have much more overhead than you do with a stored procedure.

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Approach to to accelerate your machine, you only need to together with that all your valuable computer's registry files are actually in order and not corrupt.

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