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Moving users used to be a problematic task within Group Wise, however since the release of Group Wise 6.5 this process has been dramatically improved.

Note that Group Wise Web Access stores the credentials used at installation in (older versions) or in (in sys:system).

This is a security risk so in case the credentials are not needed, if Web Acc is in the same domain, then change these to some sonsense values.

Log file locations (default) Message Transfer Agent (MTA) Don't forget that sometimes, log files don't yield anything useful (or there isn't an issue with Group Wise per se).

In this case, it may be related to network infrastructure issues (such as DNS lookups, IP address clashes, switch latency etc.).

Administrators using this guide should consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

The GW document content architecture is somewhat problematic on Net Ware so a general recommendation is to add /nodca to the POA config file(s).This section contains clever working examples, good advice, some warnings, and just plain criticisms.Tips and tricks on extending your Group Wise services beyond the normal scopes are attempted.In the "Request Type" drop down, select "Enhancement request for an existing product" and give the ER a meaningful title (e.g."Add button in toolbar for language translation") and fill out the other boxes in this screen as appropriate.

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One of the many things Group Wise Monitor does is allow you to aggregate access to the HTTP interfaces for Group Wise agents for your system(s) into a single view.

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