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In the sun-drenched Olympic Stadium Lawrence Cherono set a new course record of and Abdi Nageeye (9th) ran to beat the Dutch national record by five seconds.

Tadelech Bekele celebrated victory in the women’s race with a personal best.

All the waste material generated by the race is separated and composted or recycled where possible.

The race medal and T-shirt design incorporated elements of this tradition and aspects that define us as Mexicans.

The day before of race a Mini Marathon took place with 380 children aged from under 5 to 12 years old running distances from 900m to 3.6km.

The women’s race still had four in contention at 23km: Helah Kiprop, Tanzanian Failuna Matanga and the Ethiopian pair of Degitu Azimeraw and Dibabe Kuma.

With little over a kilometre to run Kuma dropped back and with 600m to go Azimeraw, in her first ever international race, sprinted for home to drop first the diminutive Matanga and then the ever-tenacious Kiprop.

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Bekele had briefly drifted off the back of the lead pack around 12km when his compatriot Asefa Diro went through seven seconds ahead of him.

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