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The pair met in 2004 and began a courtship that Davy described to The Times as being at times “horrible” due to the intense media scrutiny.

It's unclear how they know each other, but Sophie reportedly met Meghan a couple of years back.

Last year Meghan uploaded a photo with Sophie's hubby, The Feeling star Richard Jones, and captioned the pic: "We missed you @sophie Ellis Bextor…P.

eyebeefa introductory montage, we need to see Sam Prince on the back of a motorbike, berating an elderly, bearded driver for making him late.

Other Sam takes Toff out for something protein based. A wounded Harry complains to Sam and Mytton about how Frankie is a horrible tease, and how unfair it is that everyone is being so mean to him. The boys then have a queasy conversation about which of the single girls they like, and Mytton forces Sam to say that Mimi is sexy. Next, we see Mytton, dressed like a loon for the summer solstice, delivering this news faster than you can say ‘`my mate fancies you! He tells Biscuits that Frankie told him to break up with Emily ‘because she’s slightly jealous’. Emily turns up and Harry gives her a weirdly formal double cheek kiss, as if she’s his elderly aunt’s best friend, not his hot holiday fling.

Harry gatecrashes a girly dinner at the villa (and Liv might be pissing me off right now, but I need to know where her lovely black camisole is from. ‘She’s had plenty of opportunities to shut it down,’ he sniffs, shortly before Frankie does just that, telling him he’s being unfair to Emily, and to stop telling people that he fancies her. ’ Collectively, the men of SW3 have ruined fun, festival face glitter for everyone. How can anyone be angry with him for having feelings for Frankie when he said this several days ago?

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