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One held my right leg up and the other eased my toes into the first bootie.

This gave me a chance to study one of the booties more closely, as I must to understand them and how I was to stand and move in them, as I would inevitably be forced.

I slowly shook my head in amazement that any girl could be expected to wear these. The cameras took in the puzzlement on my gorgeous face and my look of astonishment at what came next. It was a two-girl operation to fit the booties on me.As I heard one of them whisper: Be brave, I went into a reverie about Jackie and me and our past together. They should have been a fantasy; but they were absolutely here and now and very very real. Made of black soft leather reinforced by shiny stainless steel, they were the sexiest booties you could imagine and beyond, way beyond, even that. Their heels were, though it sounds unbelievable, nothing less than twelve bright shiny stiletto stainless steel inches, tapering down to contact of less than a one-eighth-inch square on the ground. Also made of shiny stainless steel, it flowed in a rigid curve from the heel to the toe-end of the booties, where it bent slightly back again. But these soles were rigid, not flexible like a ballet shoe, so the wearer's foot would be constantly forced back to make her toes point to ground when she stood. To ensure this, the toeend of the bootie was squared off.Stilt the bitch Jackie barked, as much for the film's theme as to snap me, her victim, alert once more. It would be the toe-end of the bootie the wearer would primarily stand and move on.My foot went in easily enough, though I found it decidedly uncomfortable as the rigid sole of the bootie bent my foot backwards to ensure my big toe would point straight down when I stood.To make sure my pretty foot was right home, the bootie was placed, with my foot deep into it, on the floor, and my heel grasped and pushed a little.

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  1. It’s usually based on an obsession, or idealization, more than a genuine appreciation and acceptance of who the other person is. Well, when you love someone, it is pretty effortless.