Candidating week

We will also honor those from our own congregation who have passed away.

This is a salute and a “thank you” to individuals for having lived their lives.

Emerson called consistency “the hobgoblin of little minds.” In some ways he’s probably right, but, according to developmental psychology, inconsistency is more the indicator of “little minds.” As we mature, it suggests, our beliefs should come to maintain a certain and logic and not contradict each other.

Often, however, when it comes to religion in particular, too many of us seem ready and willing to ignore all we understand about the world in favor of our unfounded beliefs.

The music, readings and story were all created by people who died recently.

The sermon gives vignettes of the lives of others who contributed to our world.

Not easy questions, but Venerable Thubten Chodron has been a student of Buddhism since 1975, and ordained as a nun in the Tibetan tradition in 1977.

Each of us is called to attend to the care and dignity of the human person and our common home in this world.

What we have come to denounce as grotesque and absurd may well contain riches and meaning beyond measure, should we only dare to look. Or in jokes that don’t make light of serious issues?How do we balance the call of social justice with our personal and family obligations?In the midst of all these pulls on our time and resources, what about compassion for ourselves?He’s also one of the coordinators of our Monday night meditation classes.Religion and spirituality are often viewed as mechanisms for transcending our earthly existence.

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Is political correctness severing the age-old bond between comedy and tragedy?

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