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So just by being “normal” you are already winning the race.Online dating can work if you know what you are doing.I haven’t done well on this site but many of my friends and students have.I think my fashion style really let me down on this site lol. The girls on it are more engaging than all the other apps combined. Don’t spend your time fussing over each girl and checking her profile. The reason is that the majority of girls wont match with you.The trick to success with this site is paying for it.Unlimited messages allows you to bulk send messages which makes this site viable.

You see dating sites are so hit and miss that its important to use the site and a bulk message system.

Online dating in Bangkok would not be complete without talking about the Thai culture of dating nice guys.

From a westerners perspective it seems like the fashion is for girls to find and date “nice guys” or “good boys”.

The vibe I get from the girls online is a frustrated one.

After making my own fake girl account I realized why. For fuck sake I got sent dick pics as the first message more than once.

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If you do drum up a conversation with a girl online then chat for a bit but transition to LINE or WHATSAPP, as fast as possible.

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