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Due to the unpredictable security situation, the Government of Canada’s ability to provide consular assistance in all parts of Iraq is severely limited. Embassy in Baghdad issued a Security Message advising American citizens that it has “received credible threat information that the Baghdad Mall may be the target of a terrorist attack.” Avoid the Baghdad Mall.Monitor local news reports, follow instructions from local authorities closely and remain alert to your surroundings at all times. Security incidents, acts of terrorism, violent crime, kidnappings and sectarian violence are prevalent across Iraq.Demonstrations and retaliatory attacks are common throughout Iraq and typically result in deaths and injuries.Avoid all demonstrations and large gatherings, follow the advice of local authorities and monitor local media.Be very respectful and cooperate fully at security checkpoints.An Iraqi police or army uniform is not a guarantee that the wearer is operating in an official capacity.Iraq’s internal stability is further undermined by the ongoing political situation, in which a wide range of groups compete for power.Control of certain territories tends to shift suddenly, particularly in disputed areas, including Khanaqin, Kirkuk, Makhmour and Sinjar.

The Government of Iraq has announced that all international flights to and from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq are suspended indefinitely.Be extremely vigilant and plan your security measures accordingly.Given the very volatile security situation, you may be denied entry into or exit from KRG-controlled areas at border points in Iraq.Exercise particular caution at ad hoc checkpoints, where murders, kidnappings and robberies frequently occur. You may encounter serious problems with local authorities when crossing borders or risk of injury or death as a result of ongoing clashes, air strikes or other violent incidents that are common to border areas in Iraq.Consult our publication entitled Her Own Way: A Woman’s Safe-Travel Guide for travel safety information for Canadian women.

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You should employ a professional security company and follow their advice for the duration of your stay.

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