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If you are approached by anybody who claims to be a person on any picture listed here, you are most likely being scammed.This scam list merely gives you an idea which photos scammers use, so you can detect and avoid scams, but unfortunately not showing you the real faces of scammers. In case with Russian scams, the girls on the pictures are either also innocent girls (or even Russian models and celebrities) whos pictures are used without their knowledge, or they may get paid to get their pictures taken (sometimes they know what's going on, sometimes not), but in any case, those are not the actual girls you are corresponding with.IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: All pictures that you see on this site are used by scammers to deceit their victims, but people portrayed on these pictures are not scammers themselves!You are NOT looking at the actual faces of people who are scamming you.In most cases, they steal photos from online modeling agencies, like Focus, Black or New, or from magazines.But they may also steal pictures from the real dating or Yahoo profiles of innocent people, which is actually an identity theft.

The online scams come in many forms and shapes, but there is one particularly nasty form: romance scams, when the scammers approach you on the dating services.

b) mass-mailing all US and UK men on the site with the same standard pre-written message without even looking at the profiles: just going down the list of members and hitting that "private message" button.

c) placing more than one profile with different pictures and names from the same IP address.

About this scam list: it was created as an extension to my online dating community Dating 'n More: a small, absolutely free, privately owned, non-profit dating website, which I do my best to maintain scam free.

I am not some "company", as well as my Dating 'n More site doesn't belong to any company.

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