Aspx designer vb not updating

Refer to the troubleshooting information in this article as a form of guidance.This article states only the common causes of workflow errors.You cannot use a task action in this workflow, because it will start another instance of the same workflow.

If your objective is to solely test a workflow, this way you don't have to create a lot of extra list items just to trigger a workflow that is configured to start when an item is created.A number of reasons can cause a workflow to fail — for example, there may be a workflow that creates a new item in a library and this library might have been deleted, or your permissions may have recently changed, thus preventing your access to the list or site.When a workflow fails to complete successfully, its final status appears in the column with that workflow's name, in the list to which the workflow is attached, as shown here.You can also find troubleshooting information for workflow error messages that appear in Office Share Point Designer 2007, and for error messages that appear in the browser for workflows created in Office Share Point Designer 2007. String Conditions, WFLib, Version=, Culture=neutral, Public Key Token=41c356f81cbff68b" is not authorized for use in Workflow Rules or Conditions) You cannot create an item in this current list, because it will start another instance of the same workflow.(0, 0) Activity 'ID3' validation failed: Property "Condition" has invalid value. Clear the Automatically start this workflow when a new item is created checkbox to fix this problem.

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