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Her small part in Parker's version led to her being cast in one of the lead roles in Fame (1982), where she plays dance tutor Lydia Grant. In a 2011 interview with the Archive of American Television, Allen revealed that she considers the two characters to be the same. Marco asks Jenny out on a date (though not for the first time). Joy has another audition, but is annoyed, because the other girls competing against her always seem to get the part.She agrees to go with him to dinner at his father's restaurant, where she convinces him to play a song and sing on the piano. Neil says that he is meeting with a producer for a short, independent film he wrote and hopes to direct himself. This Is My Life Hopsin, Ak’Sent, Tynisha Keli & Donte “Burger” Winston06. Street Hustlin’ Raney Shockne featuring Stella Moon08.Debbie Allen, who plays Principal Angela Simms, is the only cast member to have made the transition from Alan Parker's original film Fame (1980).

See more » When Marco is playing the piano at his parent's restaurant, the song he is playing is filled with sustained chords and legato melodies; which would require the foot pedal to be used quite often in order to achieve the sound that is heard. In acting class, Jenny feels uncomfortable to let loose and be crazy like everyone else. Cranston gives Victor pointers, while Denise plays the music perfectly on the piano.In the lunchroom, everyone practices their major and they all get up and dance ('This Is My Life'), while Denise and Malik escape the madness and they talk to each other, Denise saying that her uptight and conservative parents thinks that the school is "people sitting around, practicing cello all day", and that they would die if they saw this.He brings her to Victor and convinces her to sing for the album that they are producing.She agrees to it, as long as her strict father doesn't find out.

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At a Halloween party, Malik plays the song, but says the vocals are "anonymous", upsetting Denise, which confuses Malik. She gets up and does a rap, vomiting at the end of it.

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