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That is because mental health issues come with highly stigmatized labels such as "crazy," "insane," etc.These stigmas are embedded in our language and even more deeply in our unconscious belief system.A physician may suspect PNES when the seizures have unusual features, such as type of movements, duration, triggers, and frequency.A specific traumatic event, such as physical or sexual abuse, incest, divorce, death of a loved one, or other great loss or sudden change, can be identified in many people with PNES.

Therefore, a seizure is the body’s way of expressing what the mind and mouth can not.

Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) are an uncomfortable topic, one that is difficult for both patients and healthcare professionals to discuss and treat.

Yet it is estimated that PNES are diagnosed in 20 to 30% of patients seen at epilepsy centers for intractable seizures.

Frequently, people with PNES may look like they are experiencing generalized convulsions similar to tonic-clonic seizures with falling and shaking.

Less frequently, PNES may mimic absence seizures or complex partial seizures with temporary loss of attention or staring.

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