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Click the numbers or play button above to view samples of the over 9,000 prints that we have created.

You'll see actual submitted "Info List" entries and how we transformed them into the colorful and creative graphics that you see displayed along the street. If you are interested in seeing more military streets please click on the tab in the top menu "View All Art Prints" and select "Military retirement".

this all-occasion gift is as one-of-a-kind as the couple who receives it.

We offer an optional white-over-gold (50th anniversary) mat, or a white-over-silver (25th anniversary) mat at no extra cost.

Try these websites and and if you don’t find a card that will work for you just type e-cards into your favorite search engine and you will find many more website options.

My favorite selection of anniversary e-cards can be found on the website

Call Cully Mc Lean at 770-745-7225 for more details.

If a card just won’t be enough go to a fancy stationary store and buy some parchment paper on which to write your poem or message.

You can make up a gift certificate on your computer to give her and no one will ever know this is a last minute gift.

Then there is the old standby dinner at a upscale restaurant followed by a show or concert or sporting event….whatever you will enjoy as a couple. Or for a variation on a theme you could cook dinner at home, add a nice bottle of wine (maybe select some new wineglasses while you are picking up the wine), a fire in the fireplace if the weather permits or light some fragrant candles to set the mood.

Another option is emailed gift certificates like those offered by Amazon at

Niemen Marcus offers a virtual gift card which would make anyone a great gift on their website at There are over 4000 spa locations offering gift certificates on the website you can try of these sites probably includes a spa near to you. If there is not a spa in your area on these sites try calling a few spas in your area and I bet you can find one that offers gift certificates you can stop by and pick up.

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