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The UAE also helped to challenge the regional spread of Islamist militancy by providing financial and military support to the Egyptian government and launching military strikes against Islamist militias in Libya. Electoral Process: 1 / 12 All decisions about political leadership rest with the dynastic rulers of the seven emirates, who form the Federal Supreme Council, the highest executive and legislative body in the country.

In a mass trial widely criticized for violating international standards, 94 defendants—including human rights activists, academics, and students—faced such an accusation in 2013.

Since Gaddafi's overthrow Libya has been plagued by instability, with some 300 revolutionary militias clashing repeatedly, defying requests to disarm and besieging government buildings.

Many Libyans also complain of uneven regional development, unemployment and a lack of government transparency.

Iyad el-Baghdadi, a democracy activist known for satirizing Arab dictators on Twitter, was forced to leave the country in April after authorities issued an ultimatum of voluntary deportation or prosecution on unknown charges. Islam is the official religion, and the majority of citizens are Sunni Muslims.

The minority Shiite Muslim sect and non-Muslims are free to worship without interference.

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They swiftly evolved into an armed revolt seeking to topple to Muammar Gaddafi.

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