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) The taxi system in Ukraine is pretty good though. My friend could find me an apartment which wasn’t in the centre, but not far from metro (subway) for equivalent of about a day, agencies in just a little bit better location wanted .You call the service, give collection and destination and get sms with make, model and reg of a car together with the amount! The agencies providing serviced accommodation are aplenty. Yes, the standard was better, but then you pay twice as much.

At some point I started sending my friends nice SMSes with some Good morning/evening/night poem or some heartwarming words. I did it just to make them smile as I am a nice bloke, but got myself into trouble as a few thought I was in love and started falling for me too…

The ones who earn a little, have good enough life over there, there's family, friends, opera, gym etc. Some will leave, but only if they are really in love. My missus doesn't give a damn about me living in Britain.

She has a job (even if it pays little, she's happy), friends, family over there. I've offered help, doesn't want a penny which might show you who's honest and who is not.

Yes, there are lots of nice girls whom you can meet with without fear of being scammed.

Nobody's perfect and my first relationship in Ukraine didn't end up as I hoped, but now I'm happily engaged and will marry soon.

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That's how I found out some girls who were in love, were in fact engaged!

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